Programm & Fees

Topics and Scientific Program

Contributions from fundamental, and applied research are highly welcome. The call is open to all polysaccharide related topics including but not limited to:    

-         Forestry, Agriculture, Biotechnology: cultivation and isolation of polysaccharide biomass and exploration of novel bioresources (e.g., algae, fungi, bacteria, crops and plants, waste products);

-         Biorefinery of polysaccharide biomass: fractionation of polysaccharides from biomass streams and/or conversion into monomers, platform chemicals, energy, or fuels;

-         Biological aspects: biosynthesis of polysaccharides, genetic engineering / characterization of plants with respect to polysaccharide components;

-         Fundamental polysaccharide research: theoretical/experimental studies on dissolution/regeneration of polysaccharides, computational analysis of polysaccharide assembling/dissembling, advanced techniques for the characterization of polysaccharides, interaction of polysaccharides with other compounds;

-         Chemical functionalization of polysaccharides: novel approaches (solvents, derivatization reactions, greener processes) for derivatization of polysaccharides, enzymatic catalysis and advanced chemical modification of polysaccharide based materials;

-         Advanced fields of application: innovative applications, e.g., in health, food, biotechnology, materials engineering, consumer products, agriculture, environment;

-         Polysaccharide based materials: innovative processes for shaping of polysaccharides (e.g., into fibers, films, membranes, bulk material), “non-classical” polysaccharide shapes (e.g., particles, hydrogels, aerogels), polysaccharide based composites with organic/inorganic materials, nanostructured polysaccharide based materials, materials with functional surface modifications.

Types of presentations:

Oral: 20 min including discussion

Poster: Preferably 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm (A0 format)

Fees for registration until 15th of April 2018:

    • EPNOE member: 120 €/person not taxed
    • Non EPNOE member: 170 €/person not taxed
    • Accompanying person: 100 €/person not taxed
    • Full registration fees include attendance of all sessions, book of abstracts, coffee-breaks, two lunches and the conference dinner

Payment accepted: Bank transfer

    • Recipient: ASSOCIATION EPNOE
    • Bank Name: BNP PARIBAS
    • IBAN: FR76 3000 4002 7400 0109 3647 858
    • Please include: ""Name of participant" - 3rd EPNOE Junior meeting" into the bank transfer information

 Bank charges have to be paid at your own expense.

If you require an offer for a purchase order in written form please let us know: or 

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